Frequently Asked Questions

BitMeter shows a small trickle of upload or download, even when I know that my connection is not being used
This is caused by capture for the 'loopback' adapter being enabled, on the Settings screen, disabling capture for this adapter will provide a more accurate picture of your bandwidth usage.
Why does BitMeter use so much memory?
BitMeter is written using Microsoft's .NET Framework, .NET applications always have a relatively high memory footprint. If you are using the figure reported by Windows Task Manager then the chances are that BitMeter is actually using less memory than you think - Task Manager reports the application's 'Working Set', which includes memory shared by other processes (including the .NET Runtime). Windows may also allocate extra memory to a process in case it is needed, this is also included in the Working Set figure. Even taking this into account however, BitMeter will always use more memory than non-.NET applications which perform a similar task.
I am clicking on the BitMeter window with the mouse, but nothing is happening
You have probably enabled the 'Click Through' feature (see here), this can be disabled by right-clicking on the BitMeter icon in the System Tray, and deselecting the 'Click Through' option on the menu.
What do the figures displayed in the Readout Area mean?
The figures displayed on the lower part of the main window represent your current download (DL) and upload (UL) speeds. The figures are expressed in bytes/second by default, although the units can be changed to bits/second on the Settings screen. The Readout Area can be hidden altogether via the Settings Screen
What registry entries does BitMeter use?
BitMeter does not read from, or write to, the registry at all. Configuration information is stored in the 'BitmeterSettings.xml' file, in the installation directory.
The 'Check for new version' feature does not work
There are a number of reasons why this feature might not work. Version checks are performed by sending an HTTP request over the Internet to the CodeBox website, and may be blocked by firewall software, web proxy authentication requirements, or downtime on the CodeBox server.
What versions of Windows will BitMeter work on?
Bitmeter will run on Windows 2000 and later (this includes Windows XP)
Will running a firewall affect BitMeter?
No, unless you wish to use the Web Interface feature. Bitmeter does not require network access in order to monitor your connection speeds, however if you want to use the Web Interface then you will need to allow incoming connections to the TCP port used by BitMeter for its web server (port 80 by default). In addition, if you use the 'Check for new version' option then you will need to allow BitMeter to make outgoing HTTP requests (again, port 80) to ''
What language is Bitmeter written in?
Bitmeter is written in C#