Settings Screen - Graph Options

Graph Options Settings

Graph Options Settings

The Units option allows you to select the units of the figures shown in the Readout Area of the main window.

The Graph Type option determines the format used to display information on the main window:

Bar Graph Line graph
Bar GraphLine Graph

The Draw Fat Lines option takes effect if you select a graph type of Line Graph - it doubles the thickness of the lines used to render the graph, making the display more visible.

The Use Overlap Colour option is used to configure how BitMeter displays overlapping upload and download bars on the main graph. If the option is selected, then the 'Overlap Colour' specified on the Colours screen is used to indicate an overlap between the 2 bars, if the option is not selected then the smaller of the 2 bars is shown at the front, as shown below:

Overlap On Overlap Off
Overlap Option On Overlap Option Off

If the Show Interval Bars option is selected, then vertical bars will be displayed at regular intervals on the main window, the distance between the bars is configurable, and can be anywhere between 10 and 120 seconds.

Interval Bars

The Scroll Interval figure controls how often the graph on the main window scrolls to the left. The default setting of 1 causes the graph to move once every second, larger values give a longer interval with more historical information visible at one time.