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A Letter from Thinkweb Technologies


I received the following email not so long ago, basically someone wants me to bundle their obnoxious piece of malware into the BitMeter installer. Wow - what an opportunity!

I represent a company that has a very unique opportunity we would like to discuss with your firm.

My client has a form of very user friendly , non-obtrusive, advertising software, which we would like you to consider bundling with your installation and which would benefit you greatly. The application, named "ThinkWebNow 1.2" Can do the following:

1-replace 404 pages on the "client side" with a page pulled from our own server
2-replace listings 2-9 on ANY Google, yahoo, or msn search the user does with listing from our very own feed!
3-Place a splash page ad in front of any site (by name)!

These are not typical "adware or spyware" actions and are very non-noticeable and not intrusive to the surfer, however, once installed in the users system, they can offer you (the partner) tremendous amounts of traffic which you can direct anywhere you like thus bringing you a very serious revenue stream. We cause no pop-ups, cpu drain, or major system resource usage and do not collect user data at all!

Our TWN 1.0 software is small, uses almost no resources and is easily removable should the surfer even notice it's existence in their system. Please consider bundling this application as part of your installation and reaping the benefits of this tremendous tool. We would be happy to discuss a revenue or traffic split deal depending on your needs, which, as you know, will be very lucrative to you. Targeted Traffic is King.

If you are interested in working with us please respond as soon as practical.

R. Harold Barton
Executive Vice president of Business Development
Thinkweb Technologies, Inc.
Ph: 877-571-6184
FX: 877-571-6184

Those details once again, that's R. Harold Barton of Thinkweb Technologies, Inc. and you can reach him on 877-571-6184 or by email at

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