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Welcome to BitMeter OS

It looks like you have successfully installed BitMeterOS on your computer! Here are some things you might want to know...

BitMeterOS runs in the background whenever your computer is on, it records in a database how much you upload and download over your internet or network connection. It does not record what information you have transferred, or from where, only the amount.

The easiest way to see the information that BitMeterOS has recorded is to use the Web Interface
Click here to view the Web Interface Although you view the Web Interface in a browser like an ordinary website it can only be seen from this computer, BitMeterOS does not make any of your information available over the internet unless you tell it to.

Another way to view this data is by using the command-line client.

For answers to common questions please check the FAQ page

For help and support you can try the forum, or contact me directly.

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