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Boggle Solver and Game


Here is an online Boggle game and Boggle solver. Play a game, and then groan at all the easy words you missed! Technical details at the bottom of the page.


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The word searching algorithm used by the game is implemented as a web service written in Python. The service accepts a sequence of 16 letters representing the letters on a Boggle board, and returns a JSON array of all the words that can be made from that board.

The endpoint url is:<letters>

just replace <letters> with 16 letters representing the board that you want to solve, with letters listed in order from left to right and top to bottom.

For example, to find all the words that can be made from this board:

    S E R S
    P A T G
    L I N E
    S E R S

Use the url

On a traditional Boggle board, the letters 'Q' and 'U' appear together on a single square, in order to be consistent with this rule the web service will interpret the single letter 'Q' as the sequence 'QU'.

I have also produced a command-line version of both the solver and the game, which is available on GitHub.