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Online utilities for software developers

IP Network Address Calculator

Perform various network address related calculations based on an IP address and a netmask size.

Code Syntax Highlighter

Applies syntax highlighting to Java, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, Python and Visual Basic source code (colouring keywords, comments and String literals). The resulting HTML can be used when including code in web pages or other documents, to improve legibility

Time Arithmetic Utility

A simple command-line utility to add and subtract time values

HTML Entity Substitution Utility

Performs various tasks that are required when preparing text for inclusion in an HTML document

HTML/XML Beautification Utility

Adds indentation, line-breaks, and other formatting, to XML/HTML documents

Gradient Image Maker

Generates 1-pixel wide images that fade from one colour into another, used by web-designers to create a 'fading background' or gradient effect

Rounded Corner Image Maker

Generates images for creating boxes with rounded corners for use on web pages