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UNIX/Linux Shell Scripts, and Windows Batch Files

Video Barcode Script

This script generates beautiful barcode-style images from video files

OSX Shell Script to Read a Web Page Aloud

A one-line OSX shell script to read a web page out loud

Run as System User

Devious use of the Windows scheduler can grant you System privileges

Linux/UNIX Backup Script

Use this script to make regular system backups, and store them off site in a secure encrypted archive

Windows FTP Script

This batch file will automatically connect to an FTP server and download a file of your choice

Windows NetView Script

This script establishes a null session with a Windows host, before running the standard net view command to list out the available shares. This technique will sometimes yield information that would be normally be denied without authentication

Time Arithmetic Utility

A simple command-line utility to add and subtract time values

Windows AutoReg Script

This batch file will run regsrv32.exe against all .ocx and .dll files in a given directory, and can be used to register/unregister COM components en-masse

JAR Search Script

Searches through all Java .jar files in the current directory, and in any sub-directories, looking for the class file that you specify. This can be very handy if you need to use a class in a Java programme, but aren't sure which .jar file contains it

Linux Firewall Reboot Script

This script attempts to ping a list of well-known internet hosts, and if it fails to contact any of them will reboot the system. I have used this with great success on my IPCop firewall, which occasionally drops its internet connection and will reconnect if rebooted. Schedule this using cron to perform a connectivity check every 15 minutes