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Pages tagged 'stupid'

Pages containing useless time-wasters, which I should never have released onto the Internet

Pokémon Go Cellular Automaton

A web-based Pokémon Go cellular automaton

Process Roulette

A shell script game that kills random processes on your computer

Slightly Evil JavaScript

A collection of slightly evil JavaScript

OSX Shell Script to Read a Web Page Aloud

A one-line OSX shell script to read a web page out loud

JavaScript Rotating Message

CPU cycles to waste? Website a little too legible? Maybe you need a Rotating Text Message...

JavaScript Bouncing Message

If you liked the Rotating Message then you'll probably like this as well

Zen Game

Online Zen game

User Tracking Software

Use this sophisticated piece of user-tracking software to monitor the activity of visitors to your site. Works even if the user's browser does not accept cookies