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Comments from BitMeter II Users

"I just tried your AMAZING program and got instantly fascinated! It's COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL... Perfectly designed, EXTREMELY useful, a LOT better than other shareware programs of the same class! It has EXACTLY everything I could expect of it - it's exactly what I'd like it to be! No room for improvements - it seems perfect! I love it, keep up the good work! Respect!"

"Your software may have just saved me a lot of pain and suffering. I booted my system up this morning (I have a significant home network), and noticed a dramatic amount of network activity on the BitMeter. After rapidly working to isolate my computer on the network, I ran a full spy and virus scan, locating a backdoor, spyware, and virus on my system. A quick conversation with a guest yielded that they had downloaded several email files the previous night before going to bed. Bottom line: I wouldn't have known to isolate and check my system if it hadn't been for your software. I am going to be recommending your software in the future, and I will be looking to place the software on my other home PC's. For the record, it's been exactly one month since I activated your software, and I'm wondering what I've missed in the past because I wasn't monitoring my computer."
T Brown

"Many thanks for Bitmeter. It is better than several paying programs I tried, and offers every feature I can think of. PS As well as making a donation I have actually joined Amnesty International UK. It is one of those 'things I have been intending to do for some time ...'"
A Scott

"Fantastic program, by the way. I've been trying to find a good network monitor program for a while, and this one beats everything else I've tried by a long shot."
S Littiebrant

"Awesome program... It is replacing my paid version of DU meter!"
J Keeley

"heloo dear team. you make the best of the best software, i like it wery much wery well. thank you four your software. i call frome iran. i love you. bye bye"

"I think your software is awesome, even though it's freeware. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I tried out lots of other different shareware programs but none of them had everything so clean and nicely programmed. I especially love the see-through function... it's horribly nifty."