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BitMeter II

A fully-featured bandwidth meter for Windows, written in C#. Includes a web interface for remote monitoring, numerous configuration options, has been translated into more than 15 languages. Requires the .NET framework version 1.1 or later.

BitMeter 2 History File Format

The format of the BitMeter 2 history XML file, for developers or anyone else that is interested.

BitMeter 2 Translators Notes

Helpful notes for people working on BitMeter 2 translations.

Virus found in BitMeter! ... not

AVG AntiSpyware is being somewhat over-enthusiastic, and currently classifies the latest BitMeter installer as a Trojan horse

BitMeter on Windows Vista

At first BitMeter looked like it would run with no problems on Windows Vista - then I started getting emails describing strange behaviour, upload/download figures that were way too high...

Comments from BitMeter II Users

Some things that people have said about BitMeter II