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BitMeter 2 Translators Notes

Thanks for your interest in becoming a BitMeter translator - there are a few things you need to know before deciding if you wish to volunteer:

  • It's probably a bigger job than you think, BitMeter is quite a small application but it contains about 500 phrases that need to be translated, even if you work quickly this will take several hours. If you wish to do a partial translation then that would still be very much appreciated - just let me know this when you volunteer, so that I can find someone else to share the work.
  • If you volunteer, and then find that you don't have time to finish the work that's really no problem - I understand that everyone has other commitments, and sometimes things get in the way of projects like this. Please just let me know the situation, and send me any work that you have done, so that I can find someone else to continue it.
  • Please do not begin work on a translation without telling me! There may already be someone working on the same translation, and I don't want you to waste your time.

There are no special tools/software required to do the translation - you just type the translated phrases into a text file. You will also need the latest version of BitMeter installed. If you wish to continue and volunteer, then thank you! Please contact me, and I will send you details of how to access the Translators Resources section of the website, which contains full instructions on how to carry out the translation.